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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is the ultimate family adventure park offering an array of fascinating attractions based on exotic encounters with the African continent. A unique blend of thrilling rides, one of the country's premier zoos featuring more than 2,000 animals, live shows, restaurants, shops and games, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay provides unrivaled excitement for guests of every age.

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Busch Gardens Accelerates The Adventure
With Grand Opening Of Cheetah Hunt

\Guests Experience Zero to Cheetah with Park’s
New Thrill Ride and Animal Habitat Mega-Attraction

Nature’s most graceful predator comes to life Friday, May 27, in Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s newest mega-attraction, Cheetah Hunt.  As Florida’s first triple-launch coaster, Cheetah Hunt creates yet another world-class family attraction by using state-of-the-art technology to deliver three adrenaline-fueled surges of speed inspired by the world’s fastest land animal. 

Cheetah Hunt was designed with Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) technology, using the force of repelling magnets to accelerate riders to speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Inspired by the sprint of the cheetah across the grasslands after its prey, Cheetah Hunt surges with heart-pounding bursts of speed at multiple launch points to surprise and excite guests. These surges propel riders up the iconic 102-foot Windcatcher Tower, down into four subterranean trenches, over Busch Gardens’ historic Skyride, around a rocky canyon rushing with whitewater currents, and through a heartline roll inversion.

With a ride time of more than 90 seconds from first launch to final brake, Cheetah Hunt’s 4,429 feet of steel track holds the record as Busch Gardens’ longest coaster, and its 13-acre footprint makes it the most expansive thrill-ride in the park’s history.

 “Cheetah Hunt will be an iconic coaster for Busch Gardens. It’s the longest coaster yet, and families are sure to enjoy its repeatability,” said Jim Dean, Busch Gardens President. “With amazing views to both watch it and ride it, three launch points and a one-of-a-kind animal habitat, Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run solidify Busch Gardens’ portfolio of family experiences.”

Cheetah Hunt has a 48-inch height requirement, which is four inches less than the park’s other legendary thrill machines, SheiKra and Montu, allowing families to enjoy this world-class attraction together.

Also part of this new mega-attraction is Cheetah Run, home to 14 of the agile cats who inspired the project. The new habitat is reminiscent of the ruins of an ancient temple, and features more than 11,000 square feet of grassland, natural rock formations, shaded alcoves, a waterfall and a 220-foot path for the cheetahs to do what they do best – run.

Several times each day, Busch Gardens’ animal care experts will conduct sprints with the cheetahs, using a motorized lure system to stimulate the cats’ natural instinct to chase. Glass-panel viewing windows allow guests to get closer than ever before to these highly endangered animals.

Video panels and interactive touch-screen stations will help educate visitors of the plight of cheetahs in the wild and why their numbers have dwindled to between 10,000 and 12,500 worldwide. Guests will also learn about Busch Gardens’ partnership with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in South Africa and how the CCF’s efforts have helped build defense for cheetah populations, both in their native lands and around the globe. Busch Gardens has been a long-time supporter of cheetah conservation and research through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a non-profit, private charitable foundation committed to supporting wildlife and habitat conservation, research, education and animal rescue programs worldwide

Together, Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run further cement Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s reputation as Florida’s thrill-ride leader and as one of North America’s premier zoological institutions. Busch Gardens is home to more than 2,500 exotic and endangered animals, and offers adventure-seekers eight world-class roller coasters, as well as many other thrill rides, original live shows, and a full calendar of special events, concert series, holiday celebrations and age-appropriate experiences for the whole family.




What’s New:
Jungala: Discover a colorful village, nestled among towering trees, flowing waterways and elaborate stone structures. Explore a 3-story play land of climbing nets, mazes and exploration tunnels, soar above the treetops on a zip line adventure or launch into the sky from inside a 35-foot waterfall. Then, connect up close with exotic jungle animals. Come face-to-face with orangutans and test your strength in a tug of war with a Bengal tiger. It’s an unforgettable adventure and an extraordinary mix of discovery and fun in the only jungle in the world that plays with you.

Serengeti Night Safari: Start your nighttime safari in the Edge of Africa witnessing feedings and the active nocturnal behaviors of hippos, lions and hyenas lit only by moonlight and lanterns. Then, on the Serengeti Plain, use night-vision monoculars and special filtered lighting to view free-roaming herds of giraffes, zebra, rhinos and other intriguing African animals. The tour begins and ends in the exclusive Safari Club, with savory appetizers and beverages and a night cap complete with coffee and desserts. The Serengeti Night Safari begins after sunset on select Friday and Saturday nights and costs $59.99 per person, plus tax. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to participate.

Location: MAP
- Corner of Busch Boulevard and 40th Street - Two miles east of Interstate 275 at the Busch Boulevard exit - Two miles west of Interstate 75 at exit 54 - One hour from Orlando via Interstate 4 West - Thirty minutes east of area beaches and Tampa International Airport

Park Hours:
Normal park hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. within a 365-day operating schedule. Hours are extended during select weekend, summer and holiday periods.

Busch Gardens Tampa Single Day Ticket
- Adults at Kid's Price plus 2nd day free!
Children 2 and younger are admitted for free. A variety of combination tickets and Passport Memberships are available. Prices are subject to change without notice. Discounts available for guests with disabilities, senior citizens, military personnel and AAA members.

Spaces are available to cars for $11, motorcycles for $11 and trucks and campers for $13. Tour buses are free. Preferred parking convenient to the front gate is also available to day guests for $16 and annual passport members for $8. Valet parking at the front gate is $20, or $18 for passport members. Annual passport members park free in standard lots.

For general park information, call 1-888-800-5447, or visit the interactive Web site at
For our Animal Information Database, visit

Strollers, wheelchairs, lockers and pet kennels are available for rental. Wheelchair seating is available at all facilities, and assisted listening devices are offered at several attractions. Diaper-changing and baby-nursing areas, first aid, automated teller machine, and taxi and bus parking may be found on-site.

Crown Colony House Restaurant: Relax in air-conditioned comfort and take in a panoramic view of the Serengeti Plain while you enjoy courteous full table service, authentic African roadhouse ambiance and a diverse menu that includes delicious upscale entrees, refreshing salads and hearty sandwiches all house-made with the freshest ingredients by our culinary team.

Bengal Bistro: Sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious lunch as your young adventurers explore Jungala. Bengal Bistro—the newly remodeled Vivi Restaurant—is the perfect place to view Jungala’s village. At this cafeteria-style bistro, the Busch Gardens’ culinary staff prepares your lunch fresh, offering Catch of the Jungle fish, wraps and sandwiches, salads and vegetarian options.

Orang Café: Watch endangered Bornean orangutans swing across their habitat from the patio of Orang Café. Whether it is snack items or entrees, Orang Café’s menu is designed to be “kid-siderate.” Children will appreciate the family-friendly menu items like “dirt sundaes,” chicken “stripes” and bug candy. The menu also includes assorted fresh fruit, wraps and other entrees.

Zambia Smokehouse: Witness the power of SheiKra —America’s first dive coaster—as you dine on delicious barbeque. The new 500-seat indoor/outdoor Zambia Smokehouse makes guests part of the action, as diners sit directly beneath the wings of the new roller coaster. Entrees include chicken, beef brisket and the park's famous ribs, all slow-smoked for hours over real hickory and oak.

Desert Grill: Palatial architecture, exotic entertainment and air-conditioned comfort come together to make your meal at the Desert Grill truly unforgettable. Watch a live performance while you dine on outstanding entrees like Baby Back Ribs or Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo — all served fast and fresh. You'll also find specialty salads, hot and hearty sandwiches, delectable desserts and a complete kid's menu.

Sultan’s Sweets: Start your day at Busch Gardens with a steaming cup of gourmet coffee and muffins, cinnamon buns and pastries made fresh daily in the park. Stroll through the shop and feast your eyes on an incredible array of sweet treats including hand-made candies, cakes and the deliciously decadent Wild Indulgence Fudge.

SheiKra: North America’s first dive coaster sends riders through a breathtaking three-minute journey 200 feet up, then 90 degrees straight down — and that's just the beginning. “Floorless” cars give riders an unobstructed view of the 70 mph rush, and SheiKra was the first dive coaster to incorporate an Immelmann loop (a simultaneous loop and roll), a second, 138-foot vertical drop into an underground tunnel and a water feature finale, all packed into a half-mile of steel track.

Kumba: After the blood-curdling thrill of an initial 135 foot drop, you will plunge from 110 feet into a diving loop, feel a full 3 seconds of absolute weightlessness while spiraling 360 degrees, and tear through one of the world's largest vertical loops.

Montu: Feel the ultimate rush on one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world! Experience the thrill of an inverse diving loop and a 60-foot vertical loop while you endure speeds of more than 60 miles per hour and a G-force of 3.85.

Gwazi: Challenge the dueling forces of Gwazi: two wooden tracks intertwined into the Southeast’s largest and fastest double wooden roller coaster. Boasting more than 1.25 million board feet of lumber, Gwazi’s Lion and Tiger tracks offer two distinct ride experiences.

Cheetah Chase: Families will love the curves, drops and corkscrews of Cheetah Chase, a five-story “wild mouse” style coaster in Timbuktu. With its top speed of 22 mph and 46” height requirement, Cheetah Chase is the perfect ride for a child’s first coaster experience.

Scorpion: Feel the “sting” of Scorpion's terrifying 60-foot drop and 360-degree loop at incredible speeds.

The Wild Surge: Launch out of a 35-foot mountain crater up above a towering waterfall for a thrilling view of Jungala’s village below.
Jungle Flyers: Young adventurers choose from three different flight patterns to soar 50 feet above Jungala’s village.

Rhino Rally: This wild jeep tour transports guests aboard an off-road adventure through the wilds of Africa, blending up-close animal encounters with an unpredictable safari competition.

Congo River Rapids: Encounter the swift-flowing white water of the Congo River Rapids. Spin through a geyser and face an ominous waterfall and other thrilling obstacles in a 12-person raft.

Stanley Falls: Our Log Flume whisks your whole family through a splashing trip ending in a 40-foot drop that's sure to get you soaked!

Tanganyika Tidal Wave: Watch out when your seemingly tranquil jungle journey aboard a 20-passenger boat ends with a sudden plunge down a 55-foot drop, creating a tidal wave that gets everyone sopping wet.

“KaTonga: Musical Tales From the Jungle” takes you on a journey to the heart of Africa in a 35-minute musical celebration of animal folklore. The show follows a day in the lives of aspiring storytellers, called Griots, as they strive to become masters of their craft. To accomplish this rite of passage, the performers evoke traditional African stories that mesmerize and entertain! Masterful puppet design, magical folklore, energetic original music and spectacular African-inspired dance combine to create the first theme park show of Broadway-production caliber.

Rock A Doo Wop: This all-new show at the Marrakesh Theater features the greatest hits of the ’50s and ’60s, performed by eight talented singers and dancers. Guests will enjoy favorite songs like “This Magic Moment” and “Sherry” as they travel back in time to the doo-wop era.

Pirates 4-D: A swashbuckling 4-D comedy for the entire family, the Caribbean caper combines the latest 4-D special-effects technology with multi-sensory theater effects to thrill guests of all ages. The 750-seat Timbuktu Theater features four digital projectors that run simultaneously, and guests wear 3-D glasses to view the visual effects that allow the film action to vault off the screen. Surround-sound speakers built into the seats and special effects, including wind and sprays of water, further immerse the audience in this treasure-hunt adventure.
Mystic Sheiks of Morocco: Snap your fingers and move your feet to the music of this high-energy brass and percussion marching band.

Serengeti Plain: This habitat features hundreds of exotic African animals that can be seen from the Serengeti Express Railway, Skyride, Serengeti Safari and various walkways. The 65-acre environment includes expansive berms, the largest of which is four acres; tiered and open landscapes covered with native and African grasses, scrub trees and shrubs; rock outcroppings and bluffs replicating natural formations; and naturalistic creek beds and mud banks.

Myombe Reserve: Enter the lush forest where gorillas and chimpanzees can be viewed in this naturalistic rainforest habitat. Tour the Great Ape Domain amid waterfalls and through shrouds of mist and fog to get an up-close look at these majestic primates.

Edge of Africa: This habitat offers an intense walking safari where guests can experience hippopotamus, lions, lemurs, meerkats, crocodiles and lappet-faced vultures in natural habitats themed around an abandoned African fishing village.
Jambo Junction: The former Busch Gardens’ Nairobi Field Station now allows greater interaction between guests and the park’s animal ambassadors. The new area is called Jambo Junction, a name inspired by a Swahili greeting. At Jambo Junction, you can participate in animal feedings, lessons in husbandry and behavior training. Featured animals include Caribbean flamingos, lemurs, cuscuses, sloths and opossums.

Bird Gardens: Soar over to our Bird Gardens area to check out almost 500 tropical birds from around the globe. You can enjoy the Wild Wings of Africa show, see our feather-filled aviary, and experience the powerful presence of bald and golden eagles in Eagle Canyon. After the show you can talk to conservation educators about how to attract birds to your own backyard.
Lory Landing: The domed habitat showcases a variety of brilliantly colored birds including several species of parrots, including lorikeets, as well as hornbills and pheasants in both free flight and observational environments.
Clydesdale Hamlet: Guests can pose for a picture with one of the World Famous Budweiser Clydesdales during daily photo and petting sessions.

Tree Top Trails: With climbing nets, bridges, crawl tubes and a multi-level maze for bigger kids, plus a water-play area for younger children, this 3-story family play area allows visitors to explore the different levels of jungle life.

Land of the Dragons: Includes our three-story-tall tree house, an enchanted forest, one-of-a-kind slides, a gentle waterfall, wonderful rides and, of course, friendly dragons! The Land of the Dragons' stage features a family-friendly show staring Dumphrey the dragon and friends.

Serengeti Express Train: See the beauty of the Serengeti Plains as you make a round-trip journey from our Nairobi train station on the Serengeti Express Train.
King Tut’s Tomb: Travel back in time to the mysteries of King Tut's Tomb. You'll get to visit a realistic replication of King Tut's burial site as it was being excavated in the 1920s. The park’s Egypt area also includes an area for kids to do their own digging.

Skyride: View the spectacular scenery as you fly through the air in a cable car that runs between the Crown Colony area and the Congo on the opposite side of the park.

Serengeti Safari: For animal enthusiasts, we offer half hour Serengeti Safari tours daily. This open truck tour offers guests a unique look at our Serengeti Plain habitat and the opportunity to feed giraffes, antelopes and birds by hand! Encounter African wildlife up close with a Busch Gardens education specialist as your guide. Cost of the tour is $33.99 per person plus tax in addition to park admission.

Heart of Jungala Tour: Go deep into the heart of Jungala with this 30-minute behind-the-scenes tour. With a knowledgeable zoo educator as your tour guide, you will quickly become an animal expert as you go face-to face with endangered Bengal tigers and Bornean orangutans. On this walking tour, you will also witness behavior training and interactions led by the keepers. Cost of the tour is $33.99 per person, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

Family-Friendly Safari: This half hour open truck tour is geared for families with small children. It offers guests an opportunity to meet an animal ambassador, as well as a unique look at our Serengeti Plain habitat hosted by a Busch Gardens’ tour guide. Encounter African wildlife up close and hand-feed giraffes! Cost of the tour is $33.99 per person plus tax in addition to park admission.

Sundowner Safari: As the sun sets over the Serengeti Plain and the day’s adventure draws to a close, experience an animal encounter unlike any Busch Gardens has ever offered. It begins in the Crown Colony’s Brew Master’s Club, where guests can sample premium lagers. Then, the journey continues on the park’s 65-acre Serengeti Plain, where participants will hand-feed giraffes and encounter other African wildlife while indulging in Anheuser-Busch’s world-class beers. This 45-minute tour is offered daily for $39.99 per person, plus tax, for ages 21 and older with proper identification.

Animal Adventure Tours: Experience the ultimate adventure during our two-hour behind-the-scenes Animal Adventure Tour, featuring some of the park’s most famous animals. The tour combines a walking safari with an off-road truck tour, hosted by a Busch Gardens education specialist and animal care staff. Cost of the tour is $119.99 per person plus tax in addition to park admission.
Saving a Species: During this 45-minute safari, guests can meet giraffes up close, observe some truly wild behavior from our white rhinos, and then meet our famous black rhinos. Talk to zookeepers who are working to save these endangered species, and learn about the different conservation efforts that Busch Gardens and the World Wildlife Fund are making to protect wild places. Cost of the tour is $44.99 per person plus tax in addition to park admission, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit World Wildlife Fund conservation projects.

Keeper For A Day: Go behind-the-scenes and get a crash course in Zoo Keeping 101! This program gives you the opportunity to experience one of the coolest careers in the world — be a zookeeper at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Your adventure begins early in the morning by assisting zookeepers feed, train and care for the animals that inhabit the Serengeti Plain; including birds, antelope and giraffes. Cost of the tour is $350.00 each, tax included in addition to park admission.

Busch Gardens Adventure Camps: Busch Gardens’ education department also offers many summer classes, sleepover opportunities, residential programs and adventure camps for kids of all ages, as well as the whole family. For information, call (877)-BGT-CAMP or e-mail

Animal Adventure: Are you up to the next challenge? Can you handle the extreme? This tour combines a walking safari with an off-road truck tour right to the heart of Busch Gardens. Cost for both adults and children are $119.99 each plus tax.

Guided Adventure: Love animals? Can't get enough coasters? Trek through Busch Gardens with an expert guide. The cost for adults is $149.95 each plus tax, and for children the cost is $119.95 plus tax.

Thrill-Seekers: Thrill-Seekers Tours are semi-private 3-hour guided tours that include front of the line access to all major rides and attractions, including Gwazi, Montu, Kumba, SheiKra, Congo River Rapids and Tanganyika Tidal Wave. The cost for adults is $99.95 plus tax, and for children the cost is $79.95 each plus tax.

Elite Adventure Tour: This unique, 8-hour private tour begins with you and your private tour guide creating your day’s adventure. Then, you are off to experience it VIP style with front-of-the-line access to most major rides, reserved seating to the world-class Katonga show, lunch at the upper-level Crown Colony Restaurant and a one-of-a-kind experience hand-feeding a giraffe on our Serengeti Safari tour.

Tour components and prices are subject to change without notice. Tours must be canceled a minimum of 48 hours in advance or total payment is forfeited and a tour voucher will be issued. Park admission is required, but not included. For reservations, call (813) 984-4043 or (813) 984-4073, or e-mail

Busch Entertainment Corporation (BEC) operates 10 Worlds of Discovery, including SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio; Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Adventure Island in Tampa Bay and Busch Gardens Europe and Water Country USA in Williamsburg, Va.; Discovery Cove and Aquatica in Orlando; and Sesame Place near Philadelphia. BEC, the family entertainment division of Anheuser-Busch InBev, plays host to 25 million guests each year and employs 26,000 people nationwide. To learn more about the Worlds of Discovery, visit or call toll-free (800)4ADVENTURE. Additionally, the BEC created the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, a non-profit, private charitable foundation committed to supporting wildlife and habitat conservation, research, education and animal rescue programs worldwide.

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