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Clearwater Marine Aquarium HospitalThis is a unique facility, specializing in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick or injured marine animals. All the animals that come through the doors arrive because they were suffering from an illness or severe injury in the wild. A majority of the animals were and are found by local residents, fishermen, park rangers, or even visitors to the area. There is a 24-hour emergency stranding line (727-441-1790, ext. 234) to report a marine animal emergency, and a Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff member is paged to respond to the emergency no matter what time it is. If an animal needs our assistance in the middle of the night, we will be there. Once the animal arrives at the hospital, a team of experienced CMA staff biologists, veterinarians and volunteers create a rehabilitation plan for the animal specifically catering to its injury or illness. Sometimes the injuries are so severe, or the animal is so young, that it would not be in the animal's best interest to release it back into the wild. CMA works with agencies such as National Marine Fisheries and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to make these decisions. If the animal is unable to be released back into the wild, it becomes a permanent member of the CMA family, and lives here to serve as an ambassador for their species to help promote environmental conservation.

Over the years, CMA has successfully rehabilitated and released numerous marine animals. One of the most important factors to determine if an animal can return to the wild, is if they can display they have maintained their hunting skills.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium logoThere have been many successful releases of dolphins, sea turtles and river otters throughout the years. Each animal was cared for individually according to their injuries and given a name, as they have personalities just like we do. Even though it's hard to say goodbye to these amazing animals after a successful rehab, each one of them left their mark on the hearts of all who cared for them and will always be remembered.

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