GoThere before you go thereLa Jolla is about the Beach, Shopping, Dining Out, and enjoying the varied Cultural Activities of this jewel of a city by the sea.

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The Lotus Elise offers renters outstanding road feel, accuracy of steering and return performance numbers found in cars costing several times as much. Rent a Prestige Ride (for less than you think) - San Diego Prestige located in La Jolla, California, offers you the chance to drive the most beautiful exotic and luxurious vehicles from around the world. From Lamborghini to Ferrari, Porsche to Mercedes, Bentley to Rolls Royce. A car for every personality!

Seven Sea Caves Kayak Tour - Kayak to the 7 Sea Caves and cliffs to witness these breathtaking sandstone formations along the La Jolla’s coastline. Paddle to the Arch Cave, Sunny Jim’s and the Clam’s Cave. Also paddle out to the Underwater Kelp Forest and Ecological Reserve. While kayaking in San Diego, you will see the California Garibaldi, leopard sharks, seals, seal lions, and even dolphins! Finish off the kayak tour by catching a wave back to shore! No previous kayak experience necessary; children ages 5 1/2 and up welcome.

Sea lions resting on the beach
Sea lions resting on the beach

People resting on the beach
People resting on the beach

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