® Baja Tours of Tijuana, Ensenada & Rosarito Beach, Mexico
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Escorted day-trips from San Diego to
Tijuana and Rosarito Beach
Complimentary hotel pick up and return from most La Jolla and San Diego Hotels.

Order tickets online hereBus tour of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Explore the rich culture of Tijuana, Mexico!

Tijuana is Mexico's fourth largest city.  Begin by traveling into the main street with circle turnabouts and then reach the Cultural Center.
Travel to visit the Zona Rio .
End your sightseeing tour on Avenida Revolution for some shopping and bargaining on your favorite Mexican curios.
Baja tour of Tijuana, Rosarito Beach Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village Order tickets online hereBaja Grand Tour of Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village!

Visit Tijuana, the fourth largest city in Mexico. Go on a cultural sightseeing tour of the area with stops at the Cultural Center, the Tijuana Bullring, the Tijuana Zoo, the Tijuana Tower and then time for some shopping along Avenida Revolucion with more than 400 different types of shops. Then it's off to Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village, home to over 50 different restaurants offering the specialty of the house, Puerto Nuevo style lobster meals.
Rosarito Beach bus tour and shopping Order tickets online hereRosarito Beach, the next Cancun

Discover your way through a 20 mile stretch of beach with the waves breaking while you walk along the Pacific Ocean. On the beach, learn to go motor cycling or go parasailing or if you just want to relax you can have a beachside massage. The tour begins with a brief city tour of Tijuana and then travels to the beach for lunchshopping and sightseeing.

Coast tour of Tijuana, Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada Order tickets online hereDiscover the coastal cities of Tijuana, Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo and then the port of Ensenada. 

On board, stop at El Mirador, which is a vantage point for the bay that gives you a magnifient view of the ocean. Afterwards, travel into Ensenada and explore the famous shopping strip and Black Fisherman's Market. We'll also see the Pacific Rivera Casino, once believed to be financed by Al Capone. Lunch awaits us with a traditional Mexican lunch fit for a fisherman.
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