Normal Heights - A community of San Diego, California

Photo tour of the Normal Heights business district

Normal Heights restaurant
Joyti-Bihanga turns vegetarian and vegan dining into an art form. Run by the devotees of Sri Chinmoy, you will find a peaceful and meditative atmosphere along with memorable food. Their "neatloaf" with mushroom gravy is no joke. Some Sundays offer all-you-can-eat brunch.
Lestat's coffee shop
Lestat's Coffee Shop offers living room comfort with special blend coffees and yummy munchies. Open 24 hours, with out-of-the-ordinary live entertainment nightly.
Antique Cottage storefront
Antique Cottage pours out on to the sidewalk with antique furniture. Inside, find more, along with art, lamps and silver. 
Zac's Attic Antiques
Zac's Attic Antiques
merchandise is largely  the result of estates that they have liquidated, creating a diverse inventory that at any given time may include glass, china, silver, art, state auto license plates, furniture and textiles.
Rosie O'Gradys Irish bar
Rosie O'Gradys bar (and sometimes grill) the original Normal Heights Irish pub, becomes even more Irish each day closer to St. Patrick's Day. Not only a great neighborhood hangout, but with the many new faces that come and go, newcomers don't draw attention. Live music weekends.
The Ould Sod Irish bar
The Ould Sod is Irish, Irish, Irish! The accents are as thick as the heads on the Guinness served here. Known to all the Irish in San Diego, The Ould Sod will make anyone Irish after just one visit. St. Patrick's Day is standing room only (as well it should be)
  Phoenicia restaurant and bakery
Phoenicia Cuisine & Bakery is Normal Heights' answer to "What good tasting things should we wrap up in grape leaves today?" A few tables and a friendly lunch counter will give you a seat to the Middle East. Bring a liking for lamb,
kabobs of all kinds, pilaf and humus. Breads & Baklava baked here daily.

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