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The San Diego Hysterical Society was founded in 1915 by Andrea von Balboa, seen here on the Balboa estate in her favorite pony cart with brother Windimer & poodle Doria.

Andrea von Balboa
- Andrea, Doria & Windimer -

Heiress to the Balboa Shipping fortune, Miss Balboa works tirelessly in her desire to "…bring truth and beauty to a once dusty little San Diego."

In addition to archiving photographs of San Diego, she has interests in furthering military health care, public horticulture, art and opera.

Her mission for the San Diego Hysterical Society is to:

Preserve the history of San Diego
that others overlook.

All articles are written by SDHS staff or members.
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Won't Get Fooled Again" Peter Townshend

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San Diego, CA 92106

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Illustrations by Ashley Pingree Lewis.

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