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San Diego Sand Bowl

by Arnold Schwartskoff


From Mid-April 1923 through Christmas 1925 no rainfall was reported along the 2 miles of what is now Wind 'n Sea Beach. Most of the resident sod farmers were forced to pack up their tents and many hit the road for soggy Oregon.

San Diegan heads north
- A "Sandy Dago" heads north -

The residents of Oregon, already unhappy with the yearly influx of tourists from the south - ("Welcome to Oregon, now Go Home" bumper stickers were common there) were now really anxious about this new crop of settlers coming up. A term for the fleeing San Diegans used by the Oregonions was "Sandy Dagos."

In an ironic twist of history the once bankrupt Oregon town of Sea 'n Wind became Turf City, which grew prosperous through the export of residential lawn turf to San Diego after the invention of Rainbird Sprinklers.

The simultaneous southward migration of Oregon "Rainbirds" - ( a term of derision used by San Diegans for Oregon immigrants fleeing 3 straight years of rain) is another story.


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