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San Diego Tar Pit

by Edward Mastodon


What was to have been San Diego's first paved road outside of downtown in 1909 turned into an oily graveyard for hapless automobiles.

San Diego Tar Pit traps car
- Another car falls victim to the The Pit -

El Cajon Blvd. had been carefully graded to a wide flat ribbon of loosely compacted dirt. On top of this, a deep layer of asphalt and oil was to become a straight, black boulevard through the city's suburbs.

Unfortunately, the July sun slowly brought the temperature of the roadway up to a soft stage by mid-afternoon. A number of cars and light truck made it early on, but subsequent vehicles got stuck and sunk below the surface. The following year the boulevard was cemented over.

Antique car club members to this day still hang around street repairs waiting to reclaim valuable old auto parts preserved beneath the old road.


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