San Diego Hysterical Society



Ashley Monastery

by Albert Schwartz


Years before Stephen Ashley inherited the family bakery on Point Loma, he earned his Doctor of Divinity degree through a home study course that he learned about from an ad in the back of "Soldier of Misfortune" magazine.

Rosecrans Monastery
- Home of the Cult of the Cave Bear -

With his degree, Stephen founded a small Monastery in a rented bank building on Sunset Cliffs Blvd. He set up his sparse living quarters in the building's vault, which he called his "cave." The Cult of the Cave Bear became his sect.

Stephen was only able to attract five or six devotees to his cult at any one time in the 5 years that he stayed there. In the summer months all of the members were expected to gather and eat as much honey, nuts and berries as they could. Each year from the Winter Solstice to the Vernal Equinox everyone was expected to stay in bed and sleep.

Each Spring Stephen would awaken to find last year's members gone, usually along with all of the Monastery's silverware. After the 5th year he also quit the religious life and became an attorney at the law firm of Corner, Midway & Ashley.


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