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Oscar "El Cajon" Soledad

by Velma Talmage


Oscar "El Cajon" Soledad became an accomplished horseman from his earlier days as Chief of Police of the town of Santa Cruz, north of San Deigo.

A re-mounted Soledad
- The Mounted Soledad -

Pictured above, Soledad in the 1938 Miss San Diego parade on his way to the corronation cerimonies.

Soledad got his nickname "El Cajon" from the small box-like jails that he had built for each of his individual political enemies. Defeated in a recall election, Soledad escaped by horesback to San Diego to avoid incarceration in his own "El Cajon."

Soledad would make the bulk of his fortune through a chain of Oscar's Drive-in restaurants. A paper-box factory he bought and tried to convert to a wooden-box factory failed when he could not harvest enough wood from his east county buxus harlandii plantation.


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