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Oscar's LAN Burger

by Don Bell


When Oscar's drive-in first opened, neighborhood kids on skates were employed to bring out the one extension phone from the restaurant so that patrons could order from their cars.

Oscar's LAN becomes functional
- Phone orders pour in from the parking lot -

Restaurant owner Oscar Soledad, enterprising borrower of ideas that he was, adapted Balboa Shipyard's use of the Local Area Network in their business office, to connect each parking stall directly to the kitchen.

The local Ma Bell installed phones on short poles throughout the parking lot. Each phone and stall were numbered. When ordering, the diner would turn a small crank on the side of the phone box as many turns to indicate the stall number.

Although the kids on roller skates were no longer needed, Soledad put all of his waitresses on skates to speed the delivery of food orders out into the parking lot. Shapely legs were a requirement for the waitresses. As Oscar once put it, "We may serve chicken breasts on skates, but we won't do it with chicken legs."


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