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Sneeze Queen

by Betty Lou Fjord


Margaret Aimes went down in the record books when she passed the 200 hour mark of non-stop sneezing.

Nothing to sneeze at
- One last sneeze for the road -

What appeared to be a simple allergy attack, her fit of sneezing turned into a living nightmare for Mrs. Aimes. The sneezing began after returning on day 3 of a planned week long visit to her mother in Jamul. As soon as Mrs. Aimes entered her door, the sneezing started.

Her husband tried every sneeze stopping technique he knew with her, including having her hold her breath and drinking a class of water while wearing a large shopping bag over her head. Nothing worked.

The sneezing finally stopped after the irritant was found in the house: cheap cologne. It seems that Mrs. Aimes' husband had brought over his boy friend to the house when his wife had been out of town. Mrs. Aimes' unexpected return forced the friend to hide in a seldom used W.C.

After 200 hours the tired boy friend surrendered his fate and simply came out of the closet, crossed the living room in front of the startled wife and took his leave of both of them.

While Mrs. Aimes enjoyed some fame as San Diego's Sneeze Queen, the ex-boyfriend became better known as Hillcrest's Queen of Sneeze.


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