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Caesar Salad Therapy

by Roberto Caliente


 Caesar Gillespie retired from working in the lettuce fields of Carlsbad and opened a health clinic based on the therapeutic benefits of green & leafy vegetables; especially when in contact with the head.

- Gillespie demonstrates his "salad bar" -

Gillespie had several "slumber" rooms built in a storefront location on upper Broadway. Each room featured ornate table settings with flowers and candles. A huge salad bar in the center of each table was designed so that his therapy patients could lie in comfort among the lettuce leaves.

For those patients who wanted the maximum benefit of The Leafy Experience, there was the "Undressing & Dressing" treatment. Taking off all of their clothes before reclining in the salad bar, a container of oil and vinegar was at hand, to be poured over the entire body.

Gillespie had a 45-minute lunch hour special, whereby he guaranteed that office workers in the area would not be late getting back to work. If the session had to be cut short, he would have the patient driven back to work in the company's big black limo.


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