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Chester Santa Fe Sues Milton-Bradley

by Barbara Clinton


 "They have turned my life's work into a board game!" said Chester Santa Fe on the steps of the Federal CourtHouse in San Diego. "If they want to play, they have to pay."

The face that launched a million board games
- Santa Fe: "They stole my face!" -

Chester Santa Fe was at one time the richest man in San Diego. He had brought the railroad to San Diego, as well as constructing the San Diego Gas & Electric Company, the Municipal Water District, and numerous hotels, and housing developments.

Santa Fe claimed that the makers of the board game Monopoly had taken his accomplishments and even his likeness and turned them into a childish game. Attorneys for Milton-Bradley replied that the game was based on fiction, and the street names in Atlantic City.

The judge ruled in Santa Fe's favor, finding it was no mere coincidence that the millionaire owned hotels on Broadway and Park Place, and that the long standing motto of the Water District was "Water Works". MB is still appealing.


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