Pet Friendly Hotels in Washington DC

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PetAlive Effective Remedies for Pets

Learn more about the PetAlive range of remedies which is designed to treat your pet in a holistic and natural manner.

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The Washington DC hotels and motels listed allow cats, dogs and other pets on different terms.
Most of your pet friendly questions can be found on the hotel website, or call 1-800 632-3303.

Hawthorn Suites LTD - Alexandria Complimentary shuttle service to the nearby Metro Station Location  
Arlington Court Suites Hotel Near Arlington National Cemetery Location
Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner McLean Located in the heart of Tysons Corner Location
Park Hyatt Washington A few blocks from Georgetown Location

PetAlive Effective Remedies for Pets
PetAlive EasyTravel Reduces Pet Travel Sickness

PetAlive EasyTravel Reduces Pet Travel Sickness

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PetAlive PetCalm for Anxiety and Stress in Pets

PetAlive PetCalm for Anxiety and Stress in Pets

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When traveling with your pet, there are several things you can do to make it easier on your pet...and you.

Some friendly pets like to move about the car when you drive, but this can create a dangerous situation. Cats should travel in a veterinary approved cat carrier. Dogs should ride in the back with a harness that is designed to act as a seat belt.
Don't feed your travel friendly pet within an hour or two before setting out on a trip. Helps keep the barf factor under control.
Don't know if your pet is travel friendly? Take a few short trips so there won't be any unpleasant surprises.
Keep the air moving in the car. Open the window just enough to get a nose out, but not a whole head.
Our pets are going to have "accidents." They find it natural to go when they are ready. Don't panic. Think layers of newspaper.
You like to stretch your legs when traveling? You only have two legs. Your pets need twice as much "ground" time.
Plan ahead with natural digestive and calming remedies.

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