The San Diego MG Club

The San Diego MG Club was founded in July of 1958
    by a small band of intrepid souls 
      who ran an advertisement in "The Sentinel" 
         looking for people who were interested in 
          MG Club membership. 
       The major interest of the organization was 
     to "encourage safer driving, 
    car maintenance, familiarization 
and closer social contact of MG owners".

1959 Coronado July 4th Parade
The San Diego MG Club at the Coronado Parade July 4, 1959

MGB at Coronado Races


Today, more than forty years later, the club's purpose is much the same: "the preservation and promotion of all models of the MG marque. All MG owners or enthusiasts are welcome to join." We are eager to share the joys of British motoring and the heartbreak of Lucas Electrics!

The monthly business meetings are held at 7:00 P.M. on the first "Push-Start" Tech SessionTuesday of every month at the Boll Weevil on the northwest corner of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and Ruffin Road (same building as Sunny's Donuts). Annual dues are $20 and membership includes a monthly newsletter and numerous club activities.

MGA at Brunch


Club activities include tech sessions, funkhanas, picnics, car shows, brunches, camping, rallying and touring.


1978 MG Midget


For more information, you may call
President Paul Brown at (858) 695-0511 or 
Membership Chairman Mel Morris at (619) 582-0275.
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