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Tucker Corporation Stock


The collecting of obsolete automotive stock certificates can be quite fun and a potentially rewarding sidelight to your automotive hobby.
By the way, doing so would make you a "scripophilist" (one who collects old stock certificates).

Where can you find such items?

Auburn Autobile Corporation Stock

Why would you collect automotive stocks?

Durant Motors Incorporated Stock

  • It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby (certainly compared to rechroming the grill on your MGVA Tickford).
  • It provides great scavenger hunt-type fun looking for and "discovering" stock certificates for an automotive company which no longer exists. (You might actually find this to be an "interesting" past time while your wife wanders through yet another antique or quilt shop).
  • Researching the companies and certificates is both interesting and educational.
  • As with collecting all things, there is always the possibility that you may come across an extremely rare and valuable certificate at a garage sale price.

What should you look for when collecting/selecting automotive stocks? Studebaker Corporation Stock

What can you do with automotive stocks?

Flint Motor Company Stock

  • Stock certificates are often matted and frame-mounted for display as art in a den, study or office. Certificates can be stored in notebooks for viewing or drawers for non-viewing.
  • How about displaying the certificates under table-top glass as   conversation pieces?
  • Of course, you could always display your certificates on your "home-page".

Lee Rubber & Tire Corporation StockI am just learning about this aspect of the automotive hobby myself and certainly am neither an "expert" nor a "dealer" in such items. If, however, you have some automotive or automotive-related stock certificates that you would be interested in selling, please contact me. Douglas S. Pulver (858) 278-5359.

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