1930 M-TYPE MG

Drive a piece of MG history and rediscover the thrill of vintage motoring.

primrose m-type with black wings

This is an Oxford-built model of the first Midget and only one of 3,235 built.

right side of engine compartment

Correct four cylinder 847cc, single overhead camshaft, 20 horse power engine; a four speed non-syncro gearbox; mechanical brakes.

left side of engine compartment

Several spare parts are included: 

MG logo intake manifold and carb hand crank
side curtain frames lug wrench
top bows bonnet latches(2)
top pattern leather fan belt
correct dash plate center laced wheel (needs work)
60 pages of printed M-Type articles (xeroxed) M-Type section of W.E. Blower Manual (xeroxed)

rear-mounted spare

Cycle fenders; wire wheels with rear-mounted spare; new crown wheel and pinion; fold-flat windscreen; and side curtain frames.

dash and interior

Won trophies at San Diego British Car Day for "People’s Choice - MG" and "Oldest Vehicle". Same owner last 16 years. Runs and drives well.

on the road

Historical Perspective: Cecil Kimber introduced the M Type Midget in 1928 at the fall motor show in London. His concept was to make a simple, inexpensive, and competitive sports car for everyone. This little car served as the basis for some of MG’s speed record cars as well as many of the race cars that followed.

Investment Potential: The M-Type was the very first Midget and is relatively scarce as there are believed to be only 20 in the U.S. For the serious restorer, reproduction ash frames are available. This should be a very good investment. (Chances are, no one on your block will have one.)

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