Tour of Terminal 2

sports bar inside walkway to planes
California Pizza Kitchen sign to ground transportation, car rental
waiting area bar
In the center of the food court is a large
 sculpture of San Diego sea life.
sculpture and fountain
From the sculpture exit toward the gate.
This way to baggage claim.
welcome to San Diego sign doors to skybridge and stairs down
stained glass windows Go down to claim your baggage.
Go across the Skybridge to 
the shuttles.
sign to luggage claim baggage claim area
stairs to baggage claim area sign to crosswalk, skybridge, parking, taxi, hotel, car rental
Sometimes you can use the
 crosswalk to go to 
ground transportation.
Sometimes you have to go back up
 to the Skybridge to get to
 ground transportation.
sign to taxi, parking hotels Photo of San Diego Airport
skybridge entrance sculpture outside airport
crosswalk to parking crosswalk to airport
When the cross walk is open you can walk to ground transportation. When you come back to the airport you can use the crosswalk to the terminal.

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