El Campo Santo Cemetery

The Roman Catholic El Campo Santo Cemetery was established in 1849 and is located on San Diego Avenue in San Diego's Old Town. 

One of the graves here is that of Yankee Jim Robinson who was hung at the site of the Whaley House, two blocks away. 

477 bodies were buried here, but not all of them stayed within the walls of the cemetery!

Grave digger's shovel in El Campo Santo Cemetery
cars parked on graves

In 1889 a horse-drawn streetcar line was built through part of the cemetery, which later became San Diego Avenue. In 1942 it was finally paved over, leaving as many as 18 graves under the street and sidewalk.


graves under the wall

People who leave their cars  parked in front of the cemetery (on top of the many graves) often find them hard to start afterwards. Car alarms can often be heard from cars parked here, set off by unseen hands.


iron grave fence keep in spirits

People visiting the cemetery report feeling an icy chill when they walk through some spots.


someone not there at grave

Some describe the chill as if walking through a freezing, unknown presence.


grave near floating spirits

In the evenings, what looks like an Hispanic or Native American can be seen floating just above the ground.


spirits outside the cemetery wall

A misty, glowing figure can sometimes also be seen drifting along the sidewalk, just outside the cemetery wall.


simple grave with wooden cross

Figures that are seen here are often mistaken for park employees that dress up in period costume. 


grave with footprints

These ghostly  figures however, quickly vanish without a trace, unlike their living counterparts.


Victorian gravestone

A woman in a white Victorian costume appears, then disappears along the south wall.

large gravestone on the ground

Some figures that glide through here are only partially visible. It is not unusual to hear someone report seeing only the upper torso of a man or woman.

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