Horton Grand Hotel

Two Victorian hotels, the Grand and the Kale Saddlery were lovingly reconstructed on the former site of Ida Bailey's  "cat house" in the heart of the Gaslamp's historic red light district.

At the time, a favorite haunt of Wyatt Earp, the hotel is now the haunting grounds of the ghost of a mid-1800's gambler by the name of Roger A. Whittaker.

Outside the Horton Grand Hotel San Diego Gaslamp Quarter
door to room 309

In a failed attempt to cover mounting gambling debts, Roger was caught one night cheating in a game of cards. Barely escaping, he tried to hide in an armoire in his hotel room number 309, but was soon found and shot to death by an angry gunman.


stairway up to supernatural occurrences.

The grand staircase leading to the second floor is a gateway into another time, and another dimension: one filled with supernatural occurrences.  

another set of stairs

Every room in the hotel has a bedside diary for guests to memorialize their stay. The diary in room 309 however includes accounts of ghostly encounters.


going down this stairway can be a chilling event

There have been many reports of the bed shaking, lights going on and off by themselves, objects moved by unseen hands and armoire doors opening in the middle of the night.

The temperature of the room sometimes gets uncomfortably warm. Even air-conditioning and opening the window doesn't help.

someone sitting here?

Sometimes the impression of someone having laid on the bed can be seen, even after the room has been freshly made up by the hotel maids.

cards played when no one is there

While cards are often played by guests in the hotel bar, the sounds of card playing may be heard from the otherwise unoccupied room 309.

Make reservations to stay here....if you dare!

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