Point Loma Lighthouse

The Point Loma Lighthouse is perched on a windy finger of land, high overlooking the Pacific Ocean on one side, and San Diego Bay on the other.

Built in 1855, it was abandoned before the turn of the century. For over 100 years no one has lived there. But don't think it isn't occupied!

Point Loma Lighthouse Ghosts
sounds of lighthouse keeper

On the first floor, all appears normal. But appearances can be deceiving. Former lighthouse keeper Robert Israel is not seen, but is sometimes heard.

footsteps in the kitchen

In both this kitchen and the living room, heavy footsteps have been heard in the rooms above.

cold staircase

It is at the entry to the spiral staircase leading up into the upper rooms and the tower above that visitors report feeling cold spots.

too close for comfort

The steep steps and the narrow bend in the staircase can make the walls seem uncomfortably close. It as if an unseen force it trying to keep you back.

lighthouse keeper's hat and vest

In the south bedroom the sounds of a low moan have been heard. It as if the ghost of the long-departed lighthouse keeper despairs to see his uniform laid out this way.


Without his uniform, the ghostly guardian of the lighthouse cannot perform his vital task of keeping the beacon burning, and ships out of danger.

ladder to the light

The coldest spot inside the lighthouse is at the bottom of the ladder leading up into the now locked lighthouse tower. Just as visitors regret not making the final climb to the top, so must it be for the lighthouse keeper, for all eternity. 

ghostly window

As the wind blows outside, a chilled breeze can be felt, but not from the closed windows. It is as if something cold inside the room was moving through you.


Along with the ghost of Robert Israel, there are no doubt many more who seek out the lighthouse as a beacon to a more pleasant time. To get there, visitors have to drive through one of the nation's largest military cemeteries. (Photo)

San Diego service men have long brought loved ones to the lighthouse grounds for picnics. Now, after two world wars, Korea and Vietnam, the hillsides are covered with the graves of many of  those same young men who were taken from us too early.

grave stones and sailboat


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