The Robinson-Rose House

The Robinson-Rose House is a replica of the house originally built in 1853. 

The building now serves not only as park headquarters, but also houses the ghost of at least one of the original residents. This building was constructed on the site of the foundation of the original house.

Robinson-Rose House Old Town San Diego
flickering electric lights

One of the chief phenomena in this house is the unpredictable nature of the electricity. Electric lights sometimes flicker and go one and off by themselves. No amount of checking by electricians find anything wrong with the wiring or lights


elevator with a mind of its own

The rebuild house has an elevator to accommodate visitors and park employees with disabilities. One of the disabilities of the elevator however is that it sometimes starts and stops by it self. Like the lights, nothing can be found wrong the elevator,  except for unseen hands at the controls.


faces in an upstairs window

Late in the afternoons, after most of the staff is gone, heavy footsteps can be heard up stairs. Sometimes the figure of a man with an old-fashioned  white shirt and long black bow tie can be seen in the upstairs windows, long after the building is closed for the night.


be careful on the walkway

More than just figures in the upstairs windows, there have been reports from women that their hair has been pulled or moved by unknown forces. Several people have reported the feeling of being watched while in the house when no one else could be seen.


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