The John D. Spreckels "beach house" Mansion

Spreckels "beach house' mansion, Coronado, CAThe "beach house" was one of two mansions built in Coronado California by John D. Spreckles. This house, built in 1906 faces the Pacific Ocean along one of the finest beaches in the U.S.
Spreckels "bay-side house" mansion Coronado, CA
The other Spreckels Coronado house, built in 1908 was his "bay-side house" which is now the Glorietta Bay Inn.
John D. Spreckels was haunted by the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, which caused him to move to Coronado Island, across the bay from San Diego.

The "beach house" has recently joined the nearby Hotel del Coronado as another Spreckels home to spirits "under suspicious circumstances."

Rebecca Zahn32-year old Rebecca Zahn's naked body was recently found in the "beach house" hanging by the neck from a second story balcony. Her feet were tied and her hands tied behind her. The Sheriff department declared it a suicide and has closed the case. Zahn's family is pushing for further investigation.



the nearby sea holds many strange occurrencesBoth mansions are just steps from Spreckels' Hotel del Coronado, which has been haunted almost from the time it was built in 1888. Two tragic women had separately committed suicide, each taking with them the life of an unborn child. Their ghosts remain in two rooms.  The more famous of the Hotel ghosts is Kate Morgan.






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