KENSINGTON  -  A Community of San Diego, California

Photo Tour of the Kensington Business District

Ken Theatre
The Ken Theater shows different movies almost every day that range from art films to classics. The Ken also sponsors numerous film and animation festivals throughout the year.
Kensington Club Cocktails
Club Kensington is a visitor friendly place to meet over beers or cocktails. If you are looking for the neighborhood bar, this is it. Live music most nights.
Ponce's Mexican Restaurant
Ponce's Mexican Restaurant just completed a remodel that adds outdoor dining but keeps the family feel. A tequila bar replaced the venerable lunch counter, and they now serve the best Margaritas in Kensington. The best pow!-for-the-peso is still the three tostada plate.
Kensington Grill restaurant and bar
Kensington Grill is upscale all the way. Fun martinis, thoughtful wine list, varied happy hour specials, live music some nights, and did we mention dinner nightly? Try the Grilled Asparagus followed by Panee'd Sea Bass and finish with  Pot de Creme au Chocolat.
Kensington public library
Kensington Public Library and Park provide the oasis needed to escape urban living and a place for the mind to wander. A children's playground and picnic tables make this an attractive family destination.
Ladybug art building
Ladybug Art has more attractive art per square foot than you would think possible. Dozens of artists display their work here and there is always something different showing. Lots of little gift-quality items too.
Valet Travel and Peevey Jewelers storefront
Valet Travel and Peevey Jewelers both share this central corner location. Make the most of your trip to Kensington: buy a ring from one, and order up the perfect honeymoon or anniversary trip from the other.

Kensington Lofts & Retail replaced an overgrown vacant lot with a work/live building that borrowed architectural features from surrounding historic commercial buildings. Spaces include a coffee shop, cleaners, and financial advisors.
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