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Horton Plaza in the San Diego Gaslamp District was designed to be discovered. New and interesting things around every corner .....and there are many corners to go around! With 7 levels twisted through 6 1/2 city blocks, you just have to ask your way around when you get there.
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and shop on-line at such places as: - 8.21 - 2012
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Horton Plaza in San Diego Gaslamp Quarter
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Important business or beckoning beach, whatever brings you here, The Westin Horton Plaza Hotel San Diego is sure to please. Guests welcome our attentive service, impressive surroundings and ideal location in the heart of downtown, next to the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Adjacent to the renowned Horton Plaza...More Hotel Info - Map  
The Horton Grand Hotel is always ready to welcome you with the special charm and personal service that will make every stay a memorable one. In 1986 two turn of the century hotels were painstakingly rebuilt brick by time-honored brick, in the heart of San Diego's historic Gaslamp District. More Hotel Info - Map  

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Shop Where You AreLook for the "SHOP" sign as you tour. 
This sign shows you which kind of stores have on-line shopping, 
so that you can "Shop Where You Are". 
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