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Maps of major London train stations.
Find maps of each station, surrounding area and locations in London. Trains are a good way to get around when you have some distance to cover. The stations are located throughout the city near many of the places you will want to go. If nothing else, the maps here can help you locate interesting sites in the various neighborhoods of London.

Or a more handy way to find your way around is to buy now and take with you: MapEasy's Guidemap to London

The London subway, or 'tube' first opened in 1863 and is the oldest subway system in the world. Although increasingly prone to disruption and delays, the tube is still the fastest way to get around London. 

The tube runs from around 5.30 am to midnight (11.30 pm on Sun). Rush hour is around 8-9 am and 5-6.30 pm. Each station has a timetable for the different lines running from that station. Some stations are closed at weekends or during off-peak times. 

Each of London's tube lines is identified by a name and a color on the map. At some stations, a number of lines operate from one platform. Always check the notice board for the train's destination.

Traveling by bus is less expensive than the tube and offers better views of London. Bus rides often take longer than the tube and you may have to wait a while for a bus to arrive.

Beware: some buses do not run the whole length of the route. Check the destination on the front of the bus before you get on. Ring the bell for the bus to pull up at your required stop. Bus maps are available from underground stations.
Buses run from 5 am to 11.30 pm.

Night buses run throughout the night from 11.30 pm onwards. All night buses have the letter 'N' in front of the route number. Night bus routes cover the whole of the London area and services run until 6 am. One-day travelcards are not valid on night buses.

Main ('fare stage') bus stops have a white sign. Buses will stop here automatically. Request stops have red signs. Buses will only pull in here if you signal the driver to stop.

The celebrated London cab provides a reliable, fast and comfortable service. Minicabs are less expensive than black cabs, but do not generally offer the same comfort or reliability.

There are taxi cab ranks at many of London's stations and black cabs can also be hailed in the street. Cabs are available when their 'For Hire' or 'Taxi' sign is lit up. Tell the driver your destination before getting in to the vehicle. The cost of the journey will be shown on the meter. A 10% tip on top of this is usual.

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