Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg on Tampa Bay

Dali Theatre-Museum SpainDalí said of his Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain:

"I want my Museum to be like a single unit, a maze, a great surrealistic object. It will be an absolutely theatrical museum.

 People who come to see it will emerge with a feeling of having had a theatrical dream".

Dali Museum Florida renderingThe new Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg Florida also has elements of a maze, surrealistic and theatrical dream.
Dali painting

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Dali Museum front

Dali Museum Florida landscape  Stepping stones showing 7 to 22 ratio of Pi 
detail of golden rectangle   Dali golden rectangle expands
entrance to Dali maze  Dali melting watch bench 
inspiration for Dali dome  Dali dome and spiral staircase 
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