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San Diego's First Traffic Jam

by J. Fredrick Lawrence


The opening of the Ashley Bakery on Point Loma marked the beginning of San Diego's battle with the traffic jam.

Traffic Jam on Point Loma
- Cars Line Up at Bakery Drive-thru Window -

On this first day of bakery, owner Jonathan "Jack" Ashley had not made it clear how his new drive-thru window was to operate. Crowds of people lined up to walk up to it, blocking the driveway for cars which were beginning to get backed up down to coast to Harbor Drive.

Police were called out to keep the drivers in their cars. Many of them had already abandoned their cars and had joined the pedestrians in line at the window.

The little box of a building that Jack had built to sell "buned" burgers became a national rage. Traffic conditions only improved when his arch rival Sheik O'Donnell built competing drive-thru bakeries on the other side of San Diego.

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