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"Rocky" Entertains President on Yacht Balboa

by Marsha Gibbons


Rodrigues "Rocky" von Balboa and the president shared a common theme: Rocky loved it out on the sea; the president always seemed to be out to sea, especially in matters of foreign relations.

Rocky's Balboa
- Rocky and the President on the Yacht Balboa -

While Rocky and the president were sailing out to greet the returning 3rd Marine Battalion from the Islas Malvinas War, the president confided in Rocky that even though the war had ended well, the president "had been on vacation" at the time at an alcohol dependency clinic in Palm Springs. He had only heard about the war after it was all over.

Secretary of State Thomas Jones had launched the war in the president's absence in the mistaken belief the several students attending a medical school on the island were being held captive by the local military police. Now the president was facing a congress intent on making the Malvinas islands a state!

During the sailing trip with the president, Rocky ran into the converted liner Andrea-Doria bringing the troops home. Rocky, the president and the yacht barely escaped sinking, instead washing up on the beach in full view of the world press.


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