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Animal Connections

Furry, feathered, slimy, scaly and spiky animals can be found at the park’s Animal
Connections at Seaport Marketplace. This area houses many of the park’s animal
ambassadors, who serve to educate guests about each animal and its natural history.
Daily, guests can see a variety of animals including capybaras, an African crested porcupine,
Asian water monitor, a two-toed sloth, six-banded armadillo and poison dart frogs. Animal
Connections includes a main building where guests can walk through and meet the animal
ambassadors and their caretakers. Outside, SeaWorld’s Rescue truck is on display along
with streaming video highlighting the park’s Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Program.

Aquariums at SeaWorld feature more than 5,700 fishes representing 434 species found
around the globe, from the Great Barrier Reef off Australia to the Amazon River of Brazil.
Aquarium de la Mer offers two dozen displays featuring an up-close look at hundreds of
tropical fish, cold-water fish and species native to the waters off Southern California,
including the rockfish, wolf eel and Pacific giant octopus. World of the Sea Aquarium
features tropical, California and game fish and white sea bass.

The Beluga Interaction Program begins with a behind-the-scenes tour that has
participants visiting SeaWorld’s enormous Pacific walruses and gigantic polar bears. Then,
guests slip into wet suits and set foot in the 55-degree water to meet the beluga whales.
Program fee is $190 plus park admission and includes wet suits, booties, lockers, changing
facilities and showers. Participants must be at least 10 years old and 48 inches tall.
Advance registration: (800) 25-SHAMU (press 7) or visit

Dine With Shamu is more than just a dining experience — it’s exclusive, intimate and
unforgettable. While enjoying a delicious buffet on Shamu’s private poolside patio, guests
meet killer whale trainers and see Shamu in a whole new light. The cost, not including
tax, gratuity and park admission, is $39 for ages 10 and older ($19 for ages 3–9).
Breakfast With Shamu also is offered on select days for $26 for ages 10 and older ($16 for
ages 3–9). Advance registration: (800) 25-SHAMU (press 5) or visit

The Dolphin Encounter at Rocky Point Preserve is for guests who want to get closer to
bottlenose dolphins without getting in the water. During this 10-minute, trainer-guided
experience, guests are guaranteed to touch, feed and train bottlenose dolphins, while also
learning about their natural history, conservation and training. Cost is $50 plus park
admission. Advance registration: (800) 25-SHAMU (press 7). Please note that the dolphin
pool at Rocky Point Preserve, including the Dolphin Encounter, is closed for renovations
through April 2012.

The Dolphin Interaction Program was created for guests who want to enter the water
with these beautiful animals. After donning a wet suit and booties, participants take a dip in the dolphins’ habitat where they get to feed, touch and even cue the animals for trained
behaviors. The program fee is $190 plus park admission and includes wet suit, lockers,
changing facilities and showers. Participants must be at least 10 years old and 48 inches
tall. Advance registration: (800) 25-SHAMU or visit
Please note that the dolphin pool at Rocky Point Preserve, including the Dolphin Interaction
Program, is closed for renovations through April 2012.

Guided Tours offer guests an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of SeaWorld and the
chance to learn fascinating facts about the animals that most people don’t know.
Participants get up close and personal with amazing bottlenose dolphins, or interact with
other incredible animals such as endangered sea turtles, penguins or sharks. Advance
registration: (800) 25-SHAMU (press 4) or visit

The Penguin Encounter features more than 300 penguins representing five Antarctic and
sub-Antarctic species (gentoo, Adélie, macaroni, king and emperor). Guests get a close-up
look at these delightful animals as they swim and waddle in the 25-degree, snow-filled
habitat. The Penguin Encounter has one of the world’s only successful emperor penguin
breeding colonies outside the Antarctic, with 21 successful hatchings since 1980. Warmweather
Magellanic penguins, native to South America, live outside the Encounter.

Rocky Point Preserve is a two-part attraction that allows guests to see and learn about
bottlenose dolphins and California sea otters. guests can feed the dolphins at specified
times each day, or sign up for a Dolphin Encounter (a trainer-led interaction from poolside)
or a Dolphin Interaction Program (an in-water, immersive experience). Also at Rocky Point
Preserve, California sea otters can be seen playing with toys and foraging for shrimp and
clams in their pool. Please note that the sea otter exhibit is currently open, but the dolphin
pool at Rocky Point Preserve is closed for renovations through April 2012.

Shamu: Close Up offers unparalleled views of Shamu and companions as they swim, play
and socialize. With a specially-designed observation area and a panoramic underwater
viewing gallery, the opportunities for close-up observation of these magnificent marine
mammals are unsurpassed.

Shark Encounter takes SeaWorld guests underwater with sharks and tropical fish. The
280,000-gallon attraction features a 57-foot acrylic tube running the length of the sharks’
habitat. Sand tiger, bonnethead, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks are among the species
living in this popular attraction.

Turtle Reef features a nearly 300,000-gallon, coral reef-themed aquarium with up to 60
threatened and endangered sea turtles, including adult Hawksbill and green sea turtles —
some more than 50 years old — as well as younger green sea turtles that hatched at
SeaWorld in 2009. Turtle Reef also features thousands of tropical fish; a game called Race
for the Beach; a touch-screen map, Turtlelink, where guests can learn about sea turtle
tracking and SeaWorld’s rescue efforts; and a new called Riptide Rescue.

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