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old western style building used for shop
Wander in old time streets & shops

bridge through trees to bay
Park you car & park your self on a bench

view of San Diego Bay
Stroll & bike along San Diego Bay

bandstand with no music playing
OK, we lied. There is a yellow brick road

landscaping and benches
Lots of shade and cool breezes

Water taxi at dock
Water taxi waiting to take you away

Old Town Trolley stops at Harbor House restaurant
One stop on the Old Town Trolley Tours

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flowers and grass in front of shop
East coast style on the west coast

Bandstand on a red (not yellow) brick road
Bandstand on a red (not yellow) brick road

bar and grill sign on surfboard on wall
What's a bar without a grill?

family walking past kite shop
Over 50 shops on 14 acres

Boat-side view of Seaport Village
Boat-side view of Seaport Village

people walking along seawall

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