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Launching of the Andrea-Doria

by Andrea von Balboa


I remember that fine June morning as if it were yesterday. The mayor, governor, and president had all come to father's shipyard to celebrate the launching of "my" Andrea-Doria.

Andrea-Doria launched at Balboa Shipyard
- Andrea-Doria glides into San Diego Bay -

The ship was to have been Titanic, named after my uncle's second wife, a lady wrestler, but I was pretty willful then as a child and put up such a fuss that father gave in and put my and my dog Doria's names on it instead.

Like so many Balboa ships, the Andrea-Doria sailed with distinction, but met an early and watery grave.

Sailing between San Diego and Hollywood, the Andrea-Doria became an internationally known celebrity ship. Often there were more Hollywood film stars on the ship than the usual political refugees that frequented that route.

After serving as a converted troop carrier in the Islas Malvinas War, the Andrea-Doria was returned to civilian use, only to end up on the bottom of the bay in a collision with the La Jolla Lighthouse.


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