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First Oscar's Burger-by-Phone

by Bob Marley


Juan "Honest John" Cortez became the first San Diegan to try out the new telephones at Oscar's drive-in.

- "Fries with that burger? Yeah, sure." -

From the comfort of his Winnebago motor home in Oscar's parking lot, Cortez called in his order. The order took about 20 minutes to complete. Either the connection was bad, or the person taking the order couldn't hear very well because the order had to be repeated many times. "This is just like trying to talk to my own mother on the phone," said Cortez.

It didn't take long after the order was finally placed that the waitress skated out to parking lot. There was some good-natured joking when the waitress tried to hook the food tray to the motorhome driver's window nearly eight feet off the ground. Two of the lot boys helped her up on to an over turned trashcan so that she could reach the window.

After all of that Cortez failed to find the cheese in his "triple-deck" cheeseburger (located on the bottom of the bottom patty) and stiffed the waitress on her tip.



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