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Balboa Park Opens

by Bob Marley


 The botanical and zoological gardens so long in the dreams of Andrea von Balboa and Grace Park came to life in the summer of 1928.

Balboa and Park on opening day
- Crowds celebrate the opening of the Balboa-Park Gardens -

Andrea and Grace led the opening day parade in Andrea's cherry-red Lasag˝a Scarfalotti automobile. A policeman mounted on horseback had to clear the way through the crowd of curious onlookers. .

The Balboa-Park Gardens (later simply Balboa Park) was almost as large as San Diego's entire business district. Buildings included the All-Natural Hysterotely Museum, Park Museum of Women, Velvet Arts Museum, and the San Diego Zoroastrian Garden.

Andrea was quoted in the San Diego Times newspaper that "Finally the Balboa family has built something that can't sink." The next day the stone entrance marker sank 3 feet into the soft bottom of the surrounding  Lotus Reflecting Pond.


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