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Grace Park

by Bobbie Thomas


Grace Park was the oldest of the three Park sisters of San Diego. Grace was also the brains.

Style and Grace
- Grace Park in her Grace Park limo -

It was Grace who pulled together the financing and the engineering team enabling the three of them to build Park Automotive Manufacturing (PAM). "Pam" was considered by the three to be the "fourth" sister, the one who made all the money.

Grace had worked her way through high school as a roller-skating waitress at Oscar's , and earned a basketball scholarship to MIT where she studied engineering and business law.

The non-numbers side of Grace found expression in her association with Andrea von Balboa in the founding of Balboa Park.

The war years put many demands on Grace's time and energy. Shifting from the production of autos to military planes nearly cost her the love of her sister Veronica. After the war, brother Eddie took over the facilities and became the head of the family. Grace was finally able to relax and became the hostess of Graceland, the night club Eddie opened.


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