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Eddie Park

by Marquez Gaylord


San Diego's 3rd Marine Battalion had a tradition that the Marine with the best looking girl was allowed to be the last one on, and the first one off the ship.

When Eddie comes marching back home again....
- LOFO Eddie Park returns from Malvinas -

Eddie Park was the Battalion's LOFO during the Islas Malvinas War. Eddie and his girl friend Margo Thropp stood on the dock locked in "the long kiss goodbye" to the accompaniment of good-natured whoops and wolf-whistles as the rest of the Marines went up the ramp of the converted troop-ship Andrea-Doria.

When the Marines returned to San Diego, Eddie was the first one off the ship and fell into "the long kiss hello" with Margo. The scene was repeated through out the dock as the other Marines disembarked and each found his loved one.

In 1938 Margo became Miss San Diego and competed in the Olympics. After his retirement from the Marines, Eddie opened a night club in the former auto plant his sisters once ran. Eddie and Margo eventually married


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